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About the Organizers

Haitian Culinary Alliance is a global non-for-profit organization incorporated in the state of Florida. Our mission is to forge a strong and united network of culinary, food service, and hospitality professionals of Haitian descent while providing educational and networking resources to our affiliates.

We believe that gastronomy and hospitality are key ingredients to attracting others to know and appreciate our culture. Our network extends from Haiti to the rest of the world with over 150 culinary professionals. Our members are well-accomplished professionals in various aspects of the industry. Our goal is to make sure we are the voice for the culinary industry in our communities, creating the resources through training, mentorship, and guidance necessary for our members to create exposure which in turn will help them succeed.


TapTap Now is driven to give greater exposure to Haitian cuisine. We do this by creating a cost-effective platform that makes it easier for a restaurant owner, caterer, and baker to quickly establish an online presence and for our users to easily locate and transact with them.


Nadege Fleurimond is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, business strategist, branding guru, and chef. Through food, Nadège Fleurimond has spent the last two decades effortlessly fusing the traditional and the modern of Haitian cuisine to bring global awareness of Haitian food. Nadège is a passionate innovator who harnesses her entrepreneurial skills, creative inspiration, and love of the culinary arts to serve communities.


Bonspoon Media is a full-service website design and marketing agency and publisher of – formerly a Haitian restaurant and bakery directory launched in 2012, also – an online magazine celebrating Caribbean chefs and gastronomy.

About The Event

Menu Guidelines:

Always present the HRW menu with your standard menu or have it visible as a table tent or in a prominent position in your menu folder. We suggest providing three options for each of three courses, for example, three appetizers, three entrees, and three desserts. Your menu will leave an impression on diners, especially people visiting for the first time. Please note on the menu If beverage, tax, and gratuities are not included in the price. Menu items should be representative of your restaurant in portion size and quality. Consider including a vegetarian option for wider appeal. Offer a special, fixed-price, three-course dinner or lunch menu. Provide descriptions of the dish, ingredients, and cooking method to interest patrons.

Provide information to your Staff:

Ensure your entire staff is familiar with the details about Haitian Restaurant Week (HRW) – the duration of the event, the menu prices, and the types of dishes on offer. Staff should be familiar with all the specials, and events related to Haitian Restaurant Week (HRW). Explain ingredients and cooking methods of the special dishes to staff.

Why participate in Haitian Restaurant Week

The goal of Haitian Restaurant Week is to highlight the numerous and diverse dining options within the community. Restaurant weeks are designed to help boost business. Usually, during the restaurant week, restaurants offer prix-fixe meals to give diners the opportunity to experience their cuisine without breaking the bank.

Restaurants interested in participating in Haitian Restaurant Week 2024 may register online. After completion of the online registration form, an event manager will contact you to confirm your restaurant’s participation prior to publishing your restaurant on our website.